Euroweb Ltd

Perforation /

Euroweb Ltd. offers many molded product solutions when a high quality metal to metal perforation is desired. Whether you need a traditional double row mounting hole straight knife with cut and perforation rule incorporated; or a simple cross-web perforation strip or circumferential perforation, we’ve got you covered.

Our molded, traditional straight cutoff knives can be made to incorporate any combination of cut and perforation rule with some of the more popular configurations pictured above. These straight cut knives have all the same features as our traditional straight molded cutoff knives as standard:

  • Heavy duty steel rule with enhanced TNT edge coating (cut blades) for longer life and cleaner cuts
  • Double row mounting pattern and recessed oval shaped mounting holes (which eliminate finished product embossing from mounting screw heads).
  • All cutoff knives are 22 inches long / Custom lengths available upon request

    Our molded straight (cross-web) and running (circumferential) perforation strips are made .375" (9.5 mm) high with a 1" (25.4 mm) wide molded base.

    Euroweb Ltd. stocks these common perforation patterns:

    Custom cut, tie and depth configurations are available upon request.

    • 8 TPI = .093" cut X .031" tie X .040 deep
    • 10 TPI = .069" cut X .031" tie X .040" deep
    • 12 TPI = .052" cut X .031" tie X .040" deep
    • 16 TPI = .031" cut X .031" tie X .040 deep

*** All perforation / “Snap-Pak" knives for use with WPM are available in .375" and .625" heights