Euroweb Ltd

Molded Chip / Chop Knives

In our continuing effort to provide our customers with innovative products for the pressroom, we have developed this molded straight cut steel rule knife system for use with the Scheffer inline rotary cutter. Euroweb Ltd. is the exclusive manufacturer of this innovative system that saves make ready time and labor costs. Operators save valuable time as they do not need to mount cutting knives into holders. Made from high strength, flexible polyurethane, all chip knives are molded with the correct spacing which eliminates the possibility of operator spacing errors.

Molded straight cut steel rule knives for use with the Scheffer inline rotary cutter have these benefits and features:

  • Manufactured for any combination of chop (single) knife and chip (double) knife
  • Designed to simplify setup and dramatically reduce make-ready time
  • Operator mounts to two knife locations only - one for each 180° shell ( Shell system)
  • No need for separate spacer blocks between knife mount
  • No need for "special” mounting hardware - knives and shells mount with standard cap screw, lock washer and brass dovetail nut.
  • Can be reused for multiple jobs

We cater to the short and ever changing pressroom schedule by offering 2 to 3 business day turnaround times for both the molded straight cutoff knives and shell systems.