Euroweb Ltd

Custom Molded Dies - General Info

Euroweb Ltd. is the only comprehensive manufacturer of custom molded dies for all major inline finishing equipment manufacturers. Since 1998, we have been developing and manufacturing these custom molded dies in almost every shape imaginable.

These dies incorporate the absolute best quality self leveling steel cutting rule molded into lightweight, rigid, reinforced epoxies and polyurethanes depending on the particular application. We also incorporate our patented "Mag - Ready" technology (high powered magnets encapsulated into the die base) to increase cutting life and decrease make ready time.

Euroweb Ltd. Supply leaves the competition in the dust when it comes to turn around time. Same day shipping is common as we understand the demands of today's 24/7 pressroom, customers, shorter deadlines, and tighter budgets. Euroweb Ltd. offers round-the-clock service and emergency (same day / next day) service at no extra charge! We are always available to our customers in their hour of need without the "rush" fees that others might charge.

While the competition is only able to make dies for one type of equipment, Euroweb Ltd. comprehensive array of custom molded dies has you covered no matter whose machinery you have in your pressroom!