Euroweb Ltd

Shape Dies For Slotted Cylinders (.875


Our continuous commitment to innovation and excellence is what led us to create an exciting new product and opportunity for all Scheffer rotary cutters. With the cooperation of Scheffer Web Finishing, we developed these shape dies for use with all existing Scheffer slotted knife cylinders to enable Scheffer users to offer contour shape cutting to their clients. This was and continues to be a huge breakthrough opportunity for Scheffer users that were previously unable to offer contour cutting capability!

Euroweb Ltd. is the exclusive, endorsed and recommended manufacturer of this die technology proving, once again that we are the only comprehensive manufacturer of molded knives, dies and support products for all major inline finishing equipment manufacturers. These .875" high shaped steel rule cutting dies can be molded in almost any shape imaginable and are manufactured with the following features:

  • High quality self leveling steel cutting rule

  • Ultra light weight polyurethane rigid molded base

  • 4 inch on center keyways allowing for side to side adjustment on the cylinder

  • Patented "Mag-Ready" technology to aid in reducing make ready time

  • 2-3 business day typical manufacturing time with emergency service available