Euroweb Ltd

Molded Filler Plates

Tired of wasting valuable labor time and materials building up layers of foam between knife blocks during make ready? Euroweb Ltd. Supply, Inc offers you this simple, extremely affordable solution and continues our tireless effort to save pressroom personnel valuable make ready time and money.

These molded filler plates are designed to bridge the gap between knife blocks and eliminate the need for multiple layers of make ready foam when dressing the rotary cutter (knife cylinder). These plate are custom molded to the customers specifications using a lightweight, durable epoxy. They are reusable, long lasting and are a more cost effective alternative to machined metal filler plates.

We encapsulate high powered magnets into the base of the filler plate to enable easy snap - on installation that will save you materials, time and hassle. Just cover them with single layer of make ready foam and you are off and running!

Please specify cylinder circumference and desired plate width and length when ordering.