Euroweb Ltd

Traditional Molded Cutoff Knives

Euroweb Ltd. constantly strives for innovation and in 1998, we took a good concept and made it great! We listened carefully to pressroom personnel and gave them new, innovative features that set our version of the molded straight cut steel rule knife head and shoulders above the others in design and function. Features like enhanced TNT coated heavy duty cutting rule, recessed oval shaped mounting holes and longer standard knife lengths gave our customers what they wanted all at a savings that made their eyes widen! Our happy customers routinely report that our molded cutoff knives consistently outlast all the others and save them valuable make ready time and increases their profits.

The Euroweb Ltd. traditional molded straight cutoff knives are ready to use. Make ready time and labor costs are reduced as operators do not need to mount cutting knives into holders. All chip knives are molded with the correct spacing which eliminates the possibility of operator spacing errors. Our traditional molded straight cutoff knives have these standard features :


  • Heavy duty steel rule with enhanced TNT edge coating for longer life and cleaner cuts

  • Double row mounting pattern and recessed oval shaped mounting holes (which eliminate finished product embossing from mounting screw heads).

  • All cutoff knives are 22 inches long / Custom lengths available upon request

***All traditional molded cutoff knives are available in .375" and .625" heights.