Euroweb Ltd
MCB-375-13-03 "TNT" Coated Replacement Die Rule Cutting Blade

"TNT" Coated Replacement Die Rule Cutting Blade

Part #: MCB-375-13-03

For Use With: 3/8" undercut mechanical knife "Gold Holder".

Length = 13.375"
Height = .376"
# of notches = 7

–  Premium replacement die rule cutting blade.
–  Enhanced "TNT" cutting edge coating will dramatically increase knife life.
–  Best used for thick and/or aggressive paper stocks, two web inline / offline finishing systems and longer production runs.
–  Manufactured to exceed OEM specifications.

Euroweb Ltd, Inc. is the worldwide leading supplier of replacement cutting blades for use with WPM rotary cutters. Our "TNT" coated die rule cutting blades are manufactured to exacting height specifications (+/-.0005") and include an enhanced cutting edge coating that provides maximum knife life and superior cut quality even against the most aggressive jobs and paper stocks!
MH-13-38 Mechanical Knife "Gold Holder" - 3/8" Undercut

Mechanical Knife "Gold Holder" - 3/8" Undercut

Part #: MH-13-38

Euroweb Ltd's exclusive design mechanical knife holder for use with WPM, or other manufacture, 3/8" undercut honeycomb knife cylinders with circumferences from 17.750" –  49.606":

–  13.375" overall length.
–  Allows for both single cut (chop) and double cut (chip) knifing configurations.
–  Solid steel construction of both the knife holder body and front plate.
–  "Gold" coated to resist corrosion and rust.
–  Mounts with standard 3/8" –  9/32" torx screws.
–  Utilizes inexpensive replacement knives.

–  Fast makeready –  knife holder can be fitted with cutting blade "off-press".
–  Allows for rapid changeover of replacement cutting blades without removing the holder from the knife cylinder.
–  Provides huge savings in annual knifing costs and reduced make-ready and downtime.