Euroweb Ltd

Clamp Style Cutoff Knives

Designed to mount to the cylinder using a standard .375” or .625” die clamp, these molded clamp style knives offer all the same premium features as our traditional molded cutoff knives. This molded knife style is a less costly knife option for customers who prefer to run molded cutoff knives at the rotary cutter that have either a 3/8" or 5/8" undercut honeycomb knife cylinder. Clamp style molded knives are a great knifing option for inline rotary die cutters with a 3/8" undercut honeycomb knife cylinder that are used to produce "closed-end" or "dual-cutoff" products.

The Euroweb Ltd. clamp style molded straight cutoff knives are ready to use. Make ready time and labor costs are reduced as operators do not need to mount cutting knives into holders. All chip knives are molded with the correct spacing which eliminates the possibility of operator spacing errors. Our clamp style molded straight cutoff knives have these standard features :

  • Heavy duty steel rule with enhanced TNT edge coating for longer life and cleaner cuts
  • All cutoff knives are 22 inches long / Custom lengths available upon request


***All clamp style molded cutoff knives are available in .375” and .625” heights.